WINNERS! Cambodian Students Win $10,000(US)

They’ve WON! Three student who were in the first Tell Your Own Story Project video workshop that I conducted seven months ago in Siem Reap, Cambodia have received a $10,000 GoodTube grant to start their own Media Production Lab. Sponsored by the Ponheary Ly Foundation, these students began learning computers 4 years ago on XO One Laptop Per Child. After continuing to learn “step by step”, as they say in Cambodia, they have come to this point: they believe that their voices are being heard and that they can create a positive future for themselves. It is truly one of the best, if not the best, projects with which I have ever been involved.

I am 100% convinced that mobile technologies and a little bit of education really does make the world much smaller for all of us living in it. I will return to Siem Reap in October 2012 to continue to work with these magnificent students and the most excellently run Ponheary Ly Foundation. If you have the time, the desire and a skill to share, come join us as a volunteer.

Congratulations to filmmakers Sen, Sopha and Som Oun!

To read more and see photos of the students, visit the Ponheary Ly Foundation website.