Citizens Just Like Me


To provide children around the world with digital media education and video production skills in order to facilitate their creation of personal cultural celebration videos. These videos will be used in Global Education Curriculums worldwide, fostering a more inclusive discussion and understanding of the similarities and differences between global citizens.

In collaboration with established organizations on the ground, the ’Citizens Just Like Me’ mobile media project delivers mobile workshops that teach participants basic storytelling skills such as storyboarding, video/ photography aesthetics, video recording, video editing and script writing.

Each small student production team writes, records and edits a 2 – 3 minute ‘One Day in My Life’ video of the student that show Home/ Place of Sleep, Family and/or Community, Typical Transportation, Typical Food, School/ Schoolwork & supplies/ Classmates & Friends, Traditional Clothing, Hobbies (music/ sports/ art), and Religion.

The videos also strive to promote the preservation of languages by including native languages

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. All videos are subtitled in English for global understanding.

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