TYOS Project Participants in the Mae La Oon Burmese Refugee Camp, Thailand.


To empower global citizens through mobile media production workshops to portray themselves and add their voices to the global discussion of issues facing our world.

In collaboration with established organizations on the ground, the ‘Tell Your Own Story’ Project delivers mobile workshops that teach participants basic storytelling skills such as storyboarding, video/ photography aesthetics, video recording, video editing and script writing.

Videos produced by participants are shared online to provide viewers with alternative perspectives to global issues, fostering a better understanding of the potential solutions.

Previous workshops have resulted in award-winning videos that engage audiences and promote collaborative work with international development organizations. “Water Wells in My Village”, created by three young Cambodian students, reached Eugene Nelson of Blue Heart Charity in Seattle, Washington, United States. Four months later, Mr

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. Nelson worked with the students in their village to teach them how to repair and manage their wells. The collaborative work continues. The video also won the ’1st Runner Up’ award in the video competition.

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