ABOUT Mobile Media Access Project


To provide children from underserved communities access to, and ongoing education about, 21st century technology in order to empower the students with the ability to access information online and to create content to share on the internet.

In collaboration with established organizations on the ground, the ’Mobile Media Access’ Project delivers ongoing digital literacy education to students and teachers who have previously had little or no access to computer education. Able to overcome a lack of equipment and electricity, the project utilizing mobile technologies such as laptops, iPads, and USB internet sticks to deliver lessons on media literacy, digital media production skills, online research skills and journalistic practices.

Through photography, video production, blogging and harnessing of social medias, the Mobile Media Access Project gives each individual who wants to learn from or speak to the world a means to do.

To learn about the HISTORY of the ‘Mobile Media Access’ project, click HERE.

To read blogs by Cambodian students, visit The Ponheary Ly Foundation Student Blog website.

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