Adang School on Koh Lipe Island, Thailand (VISIT the School Website)

Primary One Students Line Up to Begin Their Day at Adang School.

Adang School is located on the beautiful island of Koh Lipe, Thailand. It is a co-ed K-12 school. Instruction is primarily in Thai, but students have English skills as well. There is no previous Skyping experience, but Ms. Maneerat Maneechot, a Primary teacher, is eager to connect her students! There is a Marine Institution on the island, although it is not connected with the school. Some type of basic marine study collaboration could be a good possibility. Contact Ms. Maneerat Maneechot at maneeamp [at] (Use @ when emailing). She only checks email 1 – 2 per week, so be patient!  

Settabutr Upathum Primary School in Bangkok, Thailand (Visit the School WEBSITE)

Click the Photo to See the Sor Bor Or Computer Classroom in 360 degrees!

Settabutr Upathum Primary School in Bangkok, Thailand is a co-ed PreK- Grade 6 school with engaged students and creative teachers. Students begin studying English and computers in the 4th Grade. Sixth Grade students were learning how to use Dreamweaver to create websites when I visited. The students like Facebook, YouTube, Skype and are eager to communicate with other students around the world.  

Contact: School Superintendent Supriya at supriya [at] (Use @ and no spaces when emailing.)

Satriwilthreya 2 Middle and High School (School WEBSITE)

Technology Teacher Stephen, Satriwiltheya Students, and Head of Academic English Program Jariya

Satriwilthreya 2 is a co-ed middle and high school with over 6,000 students. Located in Bangkok, the school offers students a robust Language and Technology curriculum. Students have created websites, videos, animations, digital sketches and more using Corel, AfterEffects, Google Sketchup, etc. Technology teacher Stephen Coyamgi-Donkor and Head of Academic English Program Jariya Therakaosal are extremely open to student global collaboration. Definitely contact them! 


Stephen: hhmmare [AT]   (Use @ when emailing)

Jariya: jariya_d [AT]    (Use @ when emailing)