United States

Garrison Forest School, Owings Mills, Maryland, USA

Garrison Forest School, Owings Mills, MD USA

Garrison Forest School is a private, independent girls’ school in Baltimore County, Maryland with an elementary, middle, and high school program and coed preschool

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. For grades 8-12, Garrison Forest also has a girls’ boarding school with regional, national, and international boarding programs. Contact: Diana Gross –┬ádianagross @ gfs.org (Do not include spaces when emailing.)

Sparta Alpine School, Sparta, NJ, USA (Visit their Band website!)

Sparta Alpine School, Sparta, NJ USA

Sparta-Alpine School is located in Sparta, NJ in the United States. It is a co-ed school teaching 3rd – 5th grade students. Music students Skyped with students in Ulaanbaatar, Moscow, and are currently creating a video of themselves playing ‘America’ to share with students around the world.