Angklung, Baby! Sharing an Instrument in Malaysia, Thailand and the United States!

Recently, I wrote about the power of music to bring students together around the globe

. I had just visited with Marching Band Students at the St. Xavier Institution in Penang, Malaysia. During my visit, the students treated me to a performance of the traditional Malaysian Angklung. It seems to have started an Angklung Playing Craze during the past few months…

It inspired Sparta Alpine School Band teacher Patricia Curtis to introduce her students to the Angklung.

Today, during my visit to the beautiful Settabutr Upathum Primary School in Bangkok, Thailand, I noticed an Angklung set in the music and dance room. I inquired, and sure enough, some of the students present were the Angklung players in the school’s Thai Music Club. When instructed by their teacher, they immediately took their correct instrument and arranged themselves into place. It truly is a BEAUTIFUL instrument!

So, find an Angklung and join the Angklung Craze! It’s… AWESOME.